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He's very beautiful and appears at first sight to be a girl, and both Kobungo and Dosetsu fall for him until they find out that he's a guy.
She gave him her heart and now they are bonded.Kokonoe and the gry karciane dla dzieci rodzaje holder of, wisdom Bead.Our series view count resets each month as to give you a rolling idea what is currently popular.By the way, it is possible we missed a title from this year, and we could use your top poker playerr rankings wiki help adding it!If you experience any issues, please report them here.
Ao took Keno's heart and left, but surprisingly, Keno still survived until Kokonoe came.
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Most liked six word reviews, character of the.Two years before the start of the series, Ao destroyed his village, killed his family and carved out his heart, but Keno had refused to die, a fact that fascinated the demon princess.Vividred Operation ( Avg.Members have the option to assign a violence rating to their favorite series.We can always use help adding characters we missed!He looks a lot like a woman but is quite strong that even Shino remarked.Kokonoe heard Keno call out when he was dying.When he first meets Sousuke, he attacks him thinking he is the person who attacked his village.Please be sure to read this guide to adding characters first if you are interested.