Draw a semi circle on kudos casino bonus code 2018 both ends.
Draw a semi circle at both ends.The Third semi circle to will be for the table top piece.Build one similar or design your own.Press the foam down in the middle and work it out to the edge.Assemble Bottom piece to Top/Middle Pieces.Once the holes are drilled, and then cut out the remaining pieces.Start at the middle of one of the long sides.You provide the desire we provide the plan!
Measure up from the bottom of each leg 5" and 8 ".
Lay the rail onto the vinyl, top side down.
Outline both inside and outside of frame, including the center support and leg mounts.
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Hammer, drill, staple Gun, sander.
Once you have both ends stapled in place, then cut off any excess vinyl.
Make sure they are lined up together.Rail - All of the edges of the rail need to be rounded.Use a pencil to outline the frame onto the table top.Use 3 of the 8' 1x4 and 1 6' 1x10 boards for the frame.Repeat this for the other support.Info : Your browser does not accept cookies.

This has created the inside edges of the rail.
Start on one side and take the first pieces and pull it tight and staple it in place.
Use a hammer to gently pound in any staples that are not completely.