Prerequisite: Great Fortitude Benefits: You reduce the damage from critical hits and sneak attacks by 1 point per damage dice.
Stance Mastery general Through much practice, you have perfected a Stance (Bu).
Punch lie in place of ox: Before the shaolin monk makes an attack roll as a part of flurry of blows, he may choose to take -2 to his damage roll, and, if he hits, push the target back one space, and enter the space.
Scabbard Strike can only be used with a scabbarded weapon of at least medium size and only with scabbards that gry automaty owoce darmowe are worn on the waist or loosely unibet facebook pokerphrase freeroll password slung.You deal an extra 1d4 points of damage when you make a successful unarmed attack.Channel the Fire ( Sp Once per level per day, a waywalker of 5th level or higher can use protection from energy (fire and cold only) as a sorcerer of the waywalkder's character level.2nd-Level Feat: Improved Feint.Prerequisites: Shaolin Monk level.Length10 Minimum Level5 Base Attack Bonus ProgressionModerate Fortitude Save ProgressionGood Reflex Save ProgressionGood Will Save ProgressionGood Class AbilityOther Class Ability ProgressionFull #set:Allowed AlignmentsLawful Good #set:Allowed AlignmentsLawful Neutral #set:Allowed AlignmentsLawful Evil.To be considered flanked, the attackers must meet the normal requirements for flanking, however an additional opponent must be threatening you for you to be considered flanked.Damo cane: A Damo cane is a double weapon.
PC waywalkers are the slayers of evil that are put down in legends.
1st-Level Skill Bonus: Jump.
Prerequisites: Flurry of Blows ability, Power Attack, BAB 6 Benefits: In lieu of an extra attack when using Flurry of Blows, you add damage to your first attack equal the base attack bonus of the sacrificed extra attack, minus the Flurry of Blows penalty.
There is no limit to the number of times a shaolin monk can use this in a round.
Supreme Feint general You Feint with unmached speed and agility.
Prerequisites: Improved Unarmed Strike Benefits: When making an unarmed trip attack, you can cause your opponent to land prone in any direction within your threatened area.
Waywalkers cannot accumulate wealth or become involved in politics.Prerequisites: Weapon Focus (staff), BAB 4 Benefits: While fighting with a shortspear, snake spear or quarterstaff, you may attack opponents who are 10ft.An exception to this are rogues of at least four higher levels than you, who can flank as normal.He then makes his third attack (at 3) as normal.Finesse Trip (General) You know that strength is not the only way to topple a mountain.Marks a feat from the 3rd edition sorcebook "oriental adventures Shown below.Yang, Jwing-Ming The Original Boxing Tree Series of Shaolin Kung Fu Anything by Mantak Chia GO TO WWW.6th-Level Feat: Superior Expertise.Prerequisites: Qi Power 4 ranks.Prerequisites: Str 15, Power Attack, Improved Unarmed Strike.