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If you think youve found a bug with Intune, please open a support case.
Microsoft PlayReady Support Microsoft PlayReady Support for licensed companies is now provided by email.You can track the status of new bugs filed in Feedback Hub, but not bugs previously filed under Connect; all bugs filed under Connect are still accessible by the product team.Contributors, in this article, you have reached this page because youve tried to access the Microsoft Connect portal.System Center Configuration Manager and Microsoft Intune (Connect Site ID 892).Visit, download Center if you are looking for a package that was previoulsy available in Connect.Getting a related error Microsoft SQL Server Native Client.0 error '80004005'.If you are a Partner, please contact your Partner contact.Effective January 1, 2018 the current Microsoft 365 powered device Connect website was decommissioned.If you want to file a bug against Configuration Manager, please use the Windows Feedback Hub, which is built into the Windows 10 operating system.For VC issues, please search the Developer Community site texas holdem poker windows phone for C for your ConnectID or the substring of the bug title, found in an an automated email you received from the original Connect system.
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XType integer, transaction type.
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If the connection terminates because of an error, the errCode parameter contains a negative error code.
NnectionException: Connection refused: connect at keFromDriverError(Unknown Source) at nnect(Unknown Source) at nnect(Unknown Source) For this kind of database króttkie gry karciane connection problem, there are always two distinct issues: The SQL server itself is not running or TCP/IP is disabled.
Note that this event is received again if you do not read all the available data.
Note You must process messages in order to receive events in the callback.ErrCode integer, when xType is TCP_disconnect, errCode is negative if the connection terminates because of an error.There is an known bug: SQL Server May Not Listen on TCP/IP Sockets When TCP/IP is the Only Protocol.Please contact the Microsoft Alumni Network program administrators for the status of the program.Dynamics AX Feedback (Connect Site ID 13211).If you are part of the Customer Connection Program and are trying to access content from the Configuration Manager or Intune Advisors calls, please contact your Customer Connection Program contact to get access to the new TechCommunity.TCP_disconnect, y Y, when a conversation partner quits or when a connection terminates because of an error.Similar to the method in which a callback function responds to user interface events from User Interface Library object files, a TCP callback function responds to incoming TCP messages and information.SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 4 (SP4 You are running a version of Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (also called msde) that has known security vulnerabilities when used in conjunction with the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 family.At eateException(Unknown Source) at tException(Unknown Source) at tException(Unknown Source) at SConnection.(Unknown Source) at Source) at tNewImplConnection(Unknown Source) at seConnection.SQL Server (Connect Site ID 68).

The following table lists the TCP transaction types, xType, that can trigger a callback function.
On the General tab, select the instance of Microsoft SQL Server on which to load an installed server network library.
To reduce your computer's vulnerability to certain virus attacks, the TCP/IP and UDP network ports of Microsoft SQL Server 2000, msde, or both have been disabled.