Only multiplayer fights using the attack button count.
I dont recommend using Gems for the reset, because its quite expensive however, its cheaper than using the Gems to liczby ktore najczesciej padaja w duzym lotku buy the Gold or Elixir directly for an upgrade.
Lets say I collect my Daily Star Bonus on Monday 8am, but I do not do any attacks on Tuesday in this case I will be able to complete 2 Daily Star Bonus on Wednesday (after 8am).One thing to keep in mind is that you may only have one Star Bonus active at a time.This means you can save up your Daily Star Bonus if you want to or also finish one that you missed because you havent been able to attack enough in one day.Have you ever noticed the cool down for your Daily Star Bonus or Versus Battle Reward Loot Cap is very low after completing the last victory/getting the last needed Star?That first attack of the week doesnt earn a loot bonus, and doesnt count towards the star bonus.
Therefore, youll need to complete your current Star Bonus before you can begin the next one.
Keep in mind only a small percentage of the Treasury can be looted by invading players.
Also, each week the tournament and league levels are reset.
The May update finally added a Gem mine, but only to the Builders Base.
Users that get at least one star during an attack get a loot bonus on top of what they steal from a village during an attack, and the higher percentage of damage done the bigger the loot bonus.
This is a nice practice if youre upgrading your Builder Hall, which takes up to several days.Treasury, Daily Bonus Loot Cart Tips.The cool down of the Versus Battle Rewards is 22 hours and the reset is similar to the Daily Star Bonus.Some love the system, and heavy players that attack all day long dont.This will NOT give you 3 additional victory rewards in your cycle, it will simply skip forward in the cycle and end the cool down starting a new 22 hour cycle (thats also why daov bonus na diea 2018 tlacivo the costs in Gems gets lower the less time is left.The cool down is not reset when you earn the first victory, its reset when you collect the 3rd one of the previous cycle and then runs in the background.Higher Town Hall players get a bigger Star Bonus with more money, and those in a higher league (based on trophies) get more money as well.Also, how you can use it to save up if your Storages are filled in your Builder Base or a 2x/4x Star Bonus Event is incoming.When this timer reaches rozvadov casino poker zero is when your next Star Bonus will become available.This could even give players an incentive to not only use them but attack when someone is sitting on a pile of gems.Star Bonus gets delivered to your Treasury (and only 3 of your Treasury can get taken in a raid).Thereafter, every time a new Star Bonus becomes available, a new 24-hour countdown timer will start running immediately behind the scenes.