The history of Ed Shepherd Daxline ( Formerly Gottyline Pits).
However, he didnt make a big deal of it and began to use the name as well. .
When Ed first started breeding, he did some research on the internet and purchased a couple of pit bulls.
Dax is considered an extreme Bully.Winston Salem, North Carolina » American Pitbull Terrier » 250, escobar Pocket Champagne tri for stud cleanncorrectkennels, uKC registered apbt able to be cross registered First few studs 400 Just turned.Around 2008, Ed bred West Coast Gottylines Romeo to his female Barbee.Amongst the best of kennels.At the time, Cruz wasnt interested in Blackjack, because Blackjack wasnt a Razors Edge dog.If you are a bully owner, you can interact with other owners of this breed from around the world on their bully board.Conyers, Georgia » American Pitbull Terrier » 1,000 blue keno systeme reducteur pitbulls, Reduced, ukc/pr, dad is tri, gottie/razoredge fancypitbull007, these pups have turned 2 yrs, in Oct., Each has great markings and personalities, developi.There are a number of shows that are featured by these kennels in collaboration with the rest of the federation and you can showcase the skills and talents of your bully along with others.He started breeding these dogs at a time where American Pit Bulls for the most part, were tall, skinny, and followed the apbt breed standard.This is how he produced his now world famous stud.
At the time, there was no gottyline.
Along with the Mikeland Federation, these premium kennels have made quite an impact on the world of bullies and has made it much easier for bully lovers to find the pet of their choice.
Covington, Georgia » American Pitbull Terrier » 400, blue merle tri Stud service four queens casino & hotel las vegas tripadvisor available clbryantjr 350 to czar son triple carrier blue merle tri english bulldog available for exotic breedin.Get more articles like this delivered to your email.Ed chose to spell gottyline as it reads on Juan Gottys papers with the letter.This gives you an edge as it helps you find out more about care of your pet and also find out latest news about bullies.This guarantees specific traits and ensures high quality of the animal.Mikeland Kennels that was begun by Mike Wallander, Shelley Neighbors, and later his son, Kori Wallander.Richard was a friend of Eds and at the time, he didnt really like the idea Ed using the name Gottyline.